US and UN have warned over worsening situation in Kurdistan region: PUK

One of the leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has stated that the United States and the United Nations have warned regarding the worsening situation in the Kurdistan region.

According to Al-Iraq news agency, Diyar Aqrawi stated in a press interview that the differences between the two main Kurdistan parties are old and accumulated and are not momentary differences and they are the citizens who are now affected negatively.

Pointing out that the regional and international parties are the main players in resolving the differences between the two parties, and due to the return of conflicts over internal political, economic and security issues, Aqrawi stated that "the world's attention is now towards international mediation to prevent the situation from becoming more critical. The situation in the region has changed, warnings have been given by the United Nations, the United States and member countries of the international coalition regarding the worsening of the situation in the Kurdistan region, so the two Kurdistan parties should prevent the spread of this crisis."

He emphasized:" the boycott of the meetings of the Kurdistan regional government by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is because of the policies that the regional government are following, the monopoly of power and the marginalization of the PUK, and the boycott will continue until the end of the year and until solutions will be find for satisfying everyone.

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