Is U.S. putting economic pressure on Iraq?

A member of the Kurdistan Region parliament declared it was true that the US can put economic pressure on Iraq, but there was no evidence and no specific political and military reason for the move by the US, and said: "The US's concern about Iraq is the issue of money outflow is not controlled from Iraq."

According to Sharpers, Omar Golpi, a member of the parliament of the Kurdistan Region, said about the problems of the increase in the dollar exchange rate and the decrease in the dinar price: "Iraq has enough cash that it cannot only control the price of the dollar, but the budget for 2023 is already guaranteed."

This representative continued: "Based on scientific comparisons, at least until the next year, Iraq is in a very good financial (not economic) situation, for this reason, this situation is a golden opportunity for the regional government to get out of the illusion of an independent economy and financial capabilities and benefit from the country's financial situation."

Golpi stated: The money market, like the market of other goods, depends on the amount of the supply and demand, and the internal situation of the country is also very effective in this regard, for this reason, all political news affects the price of money, until the central bank issues an order in this regard. The central bank is capable financially, at least for the time being, Iraq is safe from the vortex of currency collapse, unless there are tragic changes in monetary resources, for this reason, "I hope the politicians will not harm the low-income citizens with their comments and at least the people won't lose the money they have in your pocket or the few hundreds of thousands of dinars they receive as salary."

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