Kurds have become part of the political tension between China and Turkey

Referring to China's opposition to Turkey's military operations in areas controlled by Syrian Kurds, Modern Diplomacy magazine wrote this issue has become one of the causes of political disputes between Beijing and Ankara.

Modern Diplomacy political magazine has discussed, in a report, some political challenges between China and Turkey, especially regarding the Uyghurs.

According to the magazine China and Ankara, which have good economic relations, have disputes with each other, and Turkey's approach towards the Uyghurs in China and Beijing's criticism of Turkey's military interventions in the Kurdish regions of Syria are among them.

Modern Diplomacy has pointed out that despite China's criticism of Turkey's approach to the Syrian Kurds, Turkey has acted cautiously regarding the Uighur issue, but Turkey's threat to carry out new military operations against the Syrian Kurds may increase the confrontation between the two sides.

Last year, disputes arose between China and Turkey after China's representative in the United Nations criticized Turkey's actions against the Syrian Kurds.

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