Kurdistan Region delegation to visit Baghdad soon

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will be visiting the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to resume talks with the Iraqi federal government, KRG spokesperson Gutiar Adel said on Thursday.

Speaking in a press conference, Adel said that KRG decided in a meeting today to dispatch a delegation to Baghdad to hold negotiations over the region's public servants' salaries and the 2023 federal budget.

Adel said that Baghdad and Erbil had found common ground on a variety of issues, but issues like Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution remain a point of contention that needs to be settled.

According to Shafaq Hews KRG's spokesperson said that the federal court was formed in an unconstitutional way, lamenting its recent decisions against the Kurdistan region.

"What the court did is unacceptable. It should be independent and shun political differences," he elaborated.

Adel said that Baghdad continues to exert pressure on the oil firms operating in the Kurdistan region and called for enacting a law on hydrocarbons for the country.

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