America and the West are seeking to establish a new state in the region: Turkey Interior Minister

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Suylu claimed that America and other western countries dream of establishing a new state in the region.

Following the closure of the consulates of the Netherlands, England, Germany and France in Istanbul due to security concerns, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu accused America and European countries of making Turkey look unsafe and trying to establish "terrorist" a government, according to him, in the region.

Soylu claimed that the closure of the consulates of European countries in Istanbul is a psychological war against Turkey.

According to Cumhuriyet daily, Soylu, participating in the evaluation meeting of the Gendarmerie headquarters in 2022, accused America of supporting Kurdish organizations in the region and said: "Terrorism in Turkey has not ended, but it is no longer the issue of the day. We know who feeds terrorist organizations. It is the US government that feeds the PKK and the YPG. For years, America and the West have not given up on their dream of establishing a terrorist state in the region by providing money, supplies and human resources.

He accused the ambassadors of European countries in Turkey, who have closed their consulates, of being involved in a (psychological) operation to make Turkey look unsafe.

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