Plasschaert laments divisions among ruling parties in Kurdistan Region

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, on Thursday urged the ruling parties in the Kurdistan region to set aside their differences and find swift compromises for fiscal, administrative, security, and electoral disagreements.

Plasschaert's remarks came during a briefing before the United Nations Security Council on the situation in Iraq.

The UN envoy recalled the bloody attack on a UNAMI (UN Assistance Mission for Iraq) establishment in Baghdad that killed 22 staff members and thanked "the successive Iraqi governments for constructive working relationship."

"Iraq's challenges did not arise overnight. No government can go it alone. It is of the greatest importance that political parties and other actors prioritize the country's interest above all else," she said, "It is and remains a joint responsibility."

"I encourage the government to persevere; those who stand to lose will undoubtedly seek to hinder these efforts. Accountability is essential, giving no respite to those who extract state resources for private or other interests. Systemic change will prove vital," the UNAMI chief stated.

"Essential that the federal budget is passed ASAP," Plasschaert continued, "I caution against measures that result in further bloating public service; economic diversification, including the development of employment-generating private sector should be prioritized."

"Silencing, obstructing, dismissing or undermining constructive criticism achieves one thing only: it tarnishes the image of the State and erodes public trust. Whereas encouraging public discourse enables institutions to flourish and to adapt," she said, according to Shafaq News.

"It is our hope that the recent Federal Supreme Court ruling does not stymie ongoing negotiations on the budget. We wish instead that both Baghdad and Erbil remain incentivized to reach a lasting arrangement so as to move away from constant crisis management."

"Regrettably, divisions among ruling parties in Kurdistan Region continue to have adverse effects on its institutions and its people," the Dutch said, "Swift compromises on outstanding fiscal, administrative, security, and electoral disagreements are urgently needed."

"Messaging by strikes does nothing but recklessly heighten tensions, kill people, and destroy property," she said, "established diplomatic instruments are at everybody’s disposal, also when neighbors are faced with perceived national security threats."

"The hope is that the confirmation of the new government of Iraq will provide an opportunity to structurally address the many pressing issues," she concluded, "the urgency is for Iraq's political class to seize the opportunity to finally lift the country out of recurring cycles of instability and fragility."

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