Russian FM blames US support for Syrian 'separatists'

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, accused the United States of fomenting 'separatism in Syria'.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the Syrian crisis and the role of the United States in a part of his annual press conference held on Monday, January 18.

Accusing Syrian Kurds of separatism, Lavrov said US support for Syrian separatists violates UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Lavrov said the US occupation of Syria, the theft of its natural resources and its support for 'separatist armed groups' are contrary to Security Council Resolution 2254.

The Russian FM also said his country does not want to oust the United States from Syria by force, but instead wanted the Americans not to attack Syrian central government positions.

Lavrov has previously accused the United States of trying to divide Syria and establish a Kurdish state east of the Euphrates River. Both the Syrian Kurds and the United States have denied the allegations.

Syrian Kurds have stated that they will maintain the unity of Syria and demand the recognition of their autonomous administration in northern and eastern Syria.

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