US sanctions on Iran not welcomed in Kurdistan Region, consul tells Kurdpress

<p style="text-align: left;">Iran Consul General to the Kurdistan Region, Morteza Ebadi, stressed on improving ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran nd the Kurdistan Region in the north of Iraq and underscored that no one in the Kurdish region welcomes the U.S. sanctions on Iran.

He stressed that the American sanctions against Iran are ineffective in the commercial relations between Iran and the Kurdish region, saying that the authorities in the region are not willing to implement the sanctions and consider the sanctions as being imposed on the people in the region.

According to Kurdpress, the United States has launched new sanctions against Iran, hoping to isolate Iran and freeze its trade relations with other countries; Iraq and the Kurdish region, however, have not agreed to cut their commercial and political relations with Iran.

Ebadi emphasized that the level of bilateral ties was excellent and that the cultural, historical, social and political commonalities between Iran and the Kurdistan region, prevents the U.S. to hamper the bilateral relations and trade exchange between Erbil and Tehran.

Ebadi further told Kurdpress that the history of American sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran which has even targeted the medicine for Iranian patients is 40 years old, underscoring that the new round of the sanctions are different as international organizations and other countries do not respect the sanctions.

He further added that both Erbil and Baghdad are against the sanctions as they are not in a position to boycott their peoples by stopping economic relations with Iran.

Authorities in the region are well aware of the importance and necessity of maintaining economic relations with the Islamic republic of Iran and have voiced their concern to U.S. delegates in the region; hence, the issue of imposing sanctions against the Islamic republic of Iran is not welcomed in Kurdistan Region.

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