Syrian Kurds call for creation of no fly zone

<p style="text-align: left;">Two leading Syrian Kurdish officials have called for the creation of a no-fly zone in the north of the country to protect the region from any possible Turkey incursion.

Turkey has threatened to attack northern Syria and expel the Kurds from the region; the same as Turkish forces launched an attack on Afrin, in north western Syria.

Wladimir Van Wilgenberg, a Kurdish affairs analyst told an international conference on Afrin that two Syrian Kurdish officials have called for the creation of the zone against any possible Turkey attack.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad, the chief of the defense section self-ruling system in northern Syria has stated that Kurds welcome the creation of a no-fly region to deter Turkey possible attacks, reiterating that Turkey is unable to control the Syrian northern Kurdish region without receiving any green light from the U.S.

Also a Kurdish commander, she added that the no-fly zone, which is a necessity, is better to include Afrin as well which is already under the control of Turkish forces and Turkey-backed militants.

Another Kurdish commander, Nasrin Abdullah, called for the creation of the zone and asked U.S. and French forces to remain in Syria to continue fight against the Islamic State (IS).

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