No talks conducted over deploying US forces from Syria to Iraq, official tells Kurdpress

<p style="text-align: left;">The Secretary General of the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga denied there have been any negotiations over the deployment of the U.S. troops in Syria into Iraq.

Jabbar Yawar stressed in the interview that no talks have been made over the deployment of the U.S. forces into Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

&lsquo;No talks have been conducted between the U.S. officials and authorities in Kurdistan Region,&rsquo; he stated, adding that no U.S. force has left Syria till no and no new anti-IS forces have been sent to Kurdistan Region.

He made the remarks days after the U.S. President Donald Trump stated Washington would withdraw 2000 troops in the Kurdish regions of Syria.

Yawar confirmed that there were demands from the Syrian Kurdish Patriotic Council affiliated parties and blocs for sending Kurdish Roj Peshmerga forces to be send to Syria Kurdistan, adding that there Roj forces are about 8000 fighters.

He denied the Ministry of Peshmerga was aware of reports over the return of the Roj forces to Syria Kurdistan but confirmed that no talks have been made over returning the forces into Syria.

Yawar also confirmed that no negotiations have been made between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Kurdish council over returning Roj Peshmerga forces as the two sides are suffering from rifts and political tensions.

He also warned about the U.S. decision to withdraw its troops from Syria as all analysts and military experts are warning about the negative impacts of the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Syria.

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