Kurdish parties in Turkey form alliance for local elections

<p style="text-align: left;">Eight Kurdish parties, movements, and associations in Turkey are joining forces to contest the March 31 local elections, according to a statement from the Peoples&amp;rsquo; Democratic Party (HDP).

The parties will enter the local elections under the auspices of the HDP, which is the most prominent pro-Kurdish party in Turkey.

According to Bianet, the organizations that will take part in the alliance are &ldquo;the Kurdistan Islamic Movement (AZAD&Icirc;), the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), the Revolutionary Democratic Kurdish Association (DDKD), the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), the Human and Freedom Party (PİA), the Part&icirc;ya Komun&icirc;sta Kurdistan (KKP), the Platforma Demokrata Kurdistan (PDK) and the Part&icirc;ya Demokrata Kurdistan&ecirc; -T&uuml;rkiye (PDK-T).&rdquo;

The new alliance released a statement outlining its reasoning for banding together, saying that doing so was necessary in order to combat the Turkish government&rsquo;s actions against Kurdish parities and politicians, NRT reported.

Moreover, they plan to focus on local politics as a way to overcome the Justice and Development Party&rsquo;s (AKP) dominance at the presidential and parliamentary levels.

Imprisoned former HDP co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas released a statement saying, &ldquo;I congratulate all my friends who have contributed to this work, which I believe will lay the ground for stronger and more successful alliances.&rdquo;

&ldquo;With the belief that this alliance will be beneficial, I am making a call to our whole people, young and old alike, to close ranks around this alliance,&rdquo; he added.

In November, Turkey&rsquo;s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) said that it would support President Tayyip Erdogan&rsquo;s AKP candidates in local elections in three key cities, carrying over an alliance from the presidential election in June, according to Reuters.

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