Trump does not believe in Backing Syrian Kurds; analyst tells Kurdpress

<p style="text-align: left;">A university professor and political analyst says the U.S. President Donald Trump does not believe in backing Kurds in Syria.

Max Abrahms, the author of Rules for Rebels: The Science of Victory in Militant History, stated that Trump campaigned against &ldquo;nation building.&rdquo; He always said the purpose of being in Syria was to defeat Islamic State and now he believes that the group has essentially been defeated. Most terrorism experts disagree with him but he is correct that Islamic State has been shattered in terms of its Caliphate and its membership roster and attacks and even propaganda are all way down.

Abrams, also a political violence and terrorism expert, told Kurdpress that he is not sure how much Trump considered the effects of withdrawing on the Kurds, adding that &ldquo;I believe he thinks that the US is under no obligation to defend the Kurds because we worked together simply due to our mutual interest in countering Islamic State. Now that Islamic state has been weakened, we have less in common. But many of his advisors are convincing him to keep some troops in Syria to defend the Kurds from Turkey, keep IS down, and Iran out.&rdquo;

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