Iraq asks US to extend Iran sanctions waiver

<p style="text-align: left;">Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halbousi has urged the US administration to extend sanctions waiver on Iran for Iraq once more.

Halbousi said on a visit to the United States that &ldquo;we hope that Iraq is once again exempted from the US sanctions on Iran,&rdquo; Arabic-language Iraqi al-Sumeria news agency reported.

Al-Halbousi also expressed hope that the US will extend the Iran sanctions waiver until it can stand on its feet.

Iraq imports 30% of its energy needs and it needs three years to meet its domestic electricity needs, according to the Iraqi parliament speaker.

Iran is main supplier of energy to Iraq and the 90-day Iran sanctions waiver granted by the United States has allowed Iraq to continue to import electricity from Tehran. The 90-day waiver came after the US initially granted Iraq a 45-day waiver to allow it carry on buying electricity and gas from its neighbor after the anti-Iran sanctions went into effect in November. But the 90-day waiver is due to expire in the coming weeks.

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