Iraqi PM, speaker under pressure over presence of US forces: deputy

<p style="text-align: left;">An Iraqi parliament deputy from the Saeroon Coalition claimed that Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abul Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbusi are under U.S. pressure over a parliament bill that is seeking to expel US forces from Iraq.

According to Baghdad al-Yaum, Deputy Badr al-Ziadi stated in remarks on Monday April 1 that the US is solely seeking its own interests and the US forces are in Iraq to provide the benefits of Washington not those of the Iraqis.

Ziadi went on to add that all US steps are in line with achieving its goals, adding that US sent clear messages to Abdul Mahdi and Halbusi through its ambassador to Baghdad after the coalitions of Saeroon and Badr, along with a number of Iraqi nationalist parliament members demanded the expel of the US forces from Iraq.

Ziadi underscored that Iraqis would not allow the presence of any foreign forces in the country and only Iraqi forces are allowed to defend the state and its sovereignty.

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