Barham Salih can be a good mediator between Iran and US: analyst

<p style="text-align: left;">A Kurdistan Region political analyst believes Iraqi President Barham Salih is a proper person to mediate between Iran and the U.S. as tensions between the two sides is high.

Masoud AbdulKhaleq, the head of Media Studying Institute of StandardKurd told Kurdpress in an interview that there is a big tension in the Middle Eastand the tension is practical and is between Arabic and Iranian nationalism and the U.S. and Israel have entered into it and the last two states are backing the Arabic nationalism.

The analyst further added that Barham Salih is a good choice for mediating between Iran and the U.S. as he is a practical president and enjoys an international position and is a very effective person in world in easing tensions and disputes, suggesting that the U.S. and Iran are better to negotiate and the best place for the talks is Iraq or the Kurdistan Region and the two states are better to achieve a win-win deal and stay away from igniting any war as any war would heavily harm Iraq and the Kurdish region.

AbdulKhaleq further advised authorities in Kurdistan Region to analyze the situation meticulously as Kurds is the weak ring of the developments in the Middle East, waring that officials in the region are unable to have a good understanding from the situation and have made mistakes in their analyzes and they should know that there would be either a military or an economic war and ultimately negotiation and talks.

The analyst also stressed that almost all political leaders in Kurdistan Region are against any war between the U.S. and Iran and reiterate that the region would side with any of the two countries.

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