KRG spokesman blames PKK, Iran opposition groups’ acts as unacceptable

<p style="text-align: left;">The actions of the Kurdistan Workers&amp;rsquo; Party (PKK) are not &amp;ldquo;acceptable&amp;rdquo; and require the public to stand against the group, the Kurdistan Regional Government&amp;rsquo;s (KRG) spokesperson has said.

KRG Spokesperson Safin Dizayee told Voice of America in an interview published on Wednesday, July 3, that the PKK&rsquo;s presence has caused difficulties for people in the areas bombed by Turkey.

Dizayee also said that the public inside the Kurdistan Region and abroad should take a stand against the PKK&rsquo;s actions, which he compared to those of the former Ba&rsquo;ath regime.

&ldquo;PKK acts, including obstacles for people, do not have a difference from the Ba&rsquo;ath regime,&rdquo; he added.

Regarding Iranian opposition groups, he said those groups had occasionally attacked Iran and that those actions were &ldquo;not acceptable&rdquo; either.

Turkey and Iran routinely carry out airstrikes and artillery bombardments in the Kurdistan Region against targets of the PKK and Iranian Kurdish opposition groups stationed on the border with both countries.

Turkey&rsquo;s frequency has increased since Ankara launched &ldquo;Operation Claw&rdquo; in May, as have civilian casualties.

At least six people total were killed and ten others were wounded in three separate Turkish strikes within the borders of the Kurdistan Region last week.

The Iraqi foreign ministry released a statement on Saturday condemning deadly Turkish airstrikes in the Kurdistan Region&rsquo;s border area with Turkey.

In contrast, the KRG's statement following the fatal airstrikes blamed the PKK, while expressing its concern about the civilian deaths.

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