US withdrawal from Syria sends frightening message: KRG Envoy

<p style="text-align: left;">Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Representative to the United States Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman said on Tuesday that the sudden withdrawal of US and coalition troops from Syria without an appropriate explanation would send a scary message.

"A sudden withdrawal from Syria would send a frightening message unless there is an explanation that comes with it that makes everybody think 'ah, yes, that's why,'" Abdul Rhaman said in remarks at the US Institute of Peace. "Right now, we are just hearing alarming things without that explanation."

According to Sputnik news agency the remarks come in the wake of US President Donald Trump's statement last Thursday that the United States would leave Syria "very soon" and let other countries "take care of" the situation. However, US media has reported the Defense Department has no plans withdraw troops and may send additional to northern Syria.

According to Rhaman, the United States has a role to play in Syria, but should not act alone. The US-led coalition also has a role to play, she added.

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