British officials visit Syrian Kurdish region, pledge solidarity

<p style="text-align: left;">British Labour officials visited Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria, vowing to stand with Syrian Kurds in the face of threats of attacks.

The visit comes as Turkey threatens to capture other Kurdish areas in the country.

A delegation from British Labour Party arrived in Rojava (Syria Kurdistan) on Tuesday (April 3) through Semalka border crossing, Hawar News Agency reported.

The delegation was welcomed by the co-chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of al-Jazeera canton, Abdulkarim Omar, and his deputy Sana Dham.

The British Labour officials expressed support for the Syrian Kurds against those who are seeking to destroy their liberty.

&ldquo;We&rsquo;re here for a long-term relationship with you, where we can support you against all the people who are trying to destroy your liberty,&rdquo; Labour peer in the House of Lords, Maurice Glasman, said in Qamishli city, Reuters reported.

&ldquo;We also bring, with a full heart, our solidarity,&rdquo; he added.

The Labour peer said they would visit other Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria, holding talks with fighters of the People&rsquo;s Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ), as well as local civil councils, according to Reuters.

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said they would &ldquo;share that back in England with our parliament and with our people.&rdquo; He also hoped for better scrutiny of arms sales to Turkey.

&ldquo;We want to say we are with you side by side,&rdquo; he said

Syrian Kurdish official Abed al-Karim Omar said the delegation was the first such public, high level delegation.

&ldquo;There were meetings previously not declared,&rdquo; Omar, a top member of the self-administration in the north, said. &ldquo;But this is the first visit in this official way.&rdquo;

He added the MPs would discuss Afrin's capture and the tens of thousands residents displaced there.

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