President Rouhani: No military solution envisaged for Syrian crisis

<p style="text-align: left;">President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran believes that Syrian problem has no military solution and the conflict should be resolved through political means and Iran spares no effort to stop the war in the country.

Speaking in the Troika meeting comprising Iran, Turkey and Russia, the Iranian president said all should help return Syrian war refugees to home and help them feel secure.

Syrian national sovereignty, national unity, independence and the country's territorial integrity should be respected and the remaining terrorist groups in the country should be driven out, he said.

'We hope these efforts to help oppressed Syrian people get rid of devastating war,' President Rouhani said.

He underlined that no country is allowed to make decision on the future of Syria and such decision is among legitimate rights of the Syrian nation.

Termination of war in Syria will be a national festivity for Syrian people when refugees back home and terrorists will be driven out of the country, President Rouhani said.

Iran, Turkey and Russia play key role in Astana talks as in the absence of such coordination between these countries, the current situation in Syria had been much more complicated, he added.

All should make efforts to restore peace and stability in Syria, President Rouhani said, adding that Astana talks paved the grounds for the UN to play much more active role to this end.

'From the early stages, some governments tried to create obstacles in Astana but Troika left positive impacts on the tone of the international developments directly or indirectly thanks to the close coordination between Iran, Turkey and Russia,' he said.

President Rouhani said that terrorist groups such as Daesh and Al-Nusra were severely defeated and are on the verge of annihilation, but some try to mobilize them and this has enabled them to continue their crimes and atrocities against the Syrian people in different places such as in Damascus.

The US government should explain that what they are doing some thousands of kilometers away from their land and who has invited their forces to come to Syria, he said, adding that the fact is that the illegal presence and interference of the US in Syria led to the increase of tension and the country's disintegration, he added.

Syrian people who successfully overcome fight against terrorists, under no circumstances let foreign powers disintegrate their motherland and are determined to resist them, he said.

The supports made by the Zionist regime from terrorists in Syria has created the situation more complicated, President Rouhani said, adding that the international community should not remain indifferent to the Zionists' crimes and atrocities.

The Syrian people should make decisions about their own fate through Syrian-Syrian talks away from the interference of the aliens and the efforts of troika and the UN special envoy should continue to attain the goal, he said.

The fight against terrorists and their eradication is a must, President Rouhani underlined.

He also expressed the hope that through sincere efforts of Iran, Turkey and Russia to witness termination of war and bloodshed in Syria as soon as possible.

President Rouhani arrived in Ankara late Tuesday at the head of a delegation to attend the trilateral meeting with his Turkish and Russian counterparts on the latest developments in Syria.

The trilateral meeting of Iran, Russia and Turkey on situation in Syria are scheduled to be held at the level of experts, foreign ministers and heads of states in the Turkish capital for two days.

The meeting is the second round of troika talks in continuation of Astana talks and Sochi summit which have been planned to help promote cooperation to find a solution to the civil war in Syria.


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