Peshmerga, Kurdistan Region security forces won’t return to Kirkuk: commander

<p style="text-align: left;"> A commander of the Iraqi forces stated that Kurdistan Region security and Peshmerga forces would not return to Kirkuk, a disputed region in the north of Iraq.

Abdullah Yar Allah was quoted by Rudaw as saying that Iraqi joint operation forces commander denied reports that the Kurdish forces and Peshmerga are going to return to Kirkuk and other disputed regions that both Baghdad and Erbil claim authority over.

The remarks comes days after Kurdish officials said the Kurdish security and Peshmerga forces are likely to return to the disputed regions, including Kirkuk.

Peshmerga Secretary General, Jabbar Yawar, said in remarks about the issue that there were meetings between Erbil, Baghdad and Washington officials over the return of the Kurdish and Peshmerga forces to the disputed regions.

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