KDP denies possible annulment of election results in Kurdistan Region, Kirkuk

<p style="text-align: left;">There is &amp;ldquo;political&amp;rdquo; motive behind a decision likely to be issued by the Iraqi Parliament to annul the results for the country&amp;rsquo;s recent election, a spokesman for Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Mahmoud Mohammed, said on Wednesday, May 30.

The KDP rejects any move by the Iraqi Parliament towards the annulment of the election held in the Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk, said Mohammed in a statement.

According to NRT Mohammed said his party supports manual recount of the votes according to law and to vanish cautious distrust by the voters and political parties about reliability of the election.

KDP is ready to help taking the constitution into account to prevent further escalation of the issues and more doubts, he added.

The Iraqi Parliament finished the first reading of the amended election law, committing the electoral commission to manual vote counting.

Iraqi Council of Representatives held a session on Wednesday, May 30, to amend the law of the elections.

The amended law of the elections commits the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission to use manual vote counting.

The next session is expected to be held on Saturday, June 2.

Iraq&rsquo;s electoral commission introduced an electronic voting and vote counting to eliminate electoral fraud during the parliamentary election held on May 12. Several parties, however, complained about the new system, calling for manual counting of votes.

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