Disagreements have halted Kurds-Damascus talks, analyst tells Kurdpress

<p style="text-align:left">A political analyst and a Turkey expert at the Russian International Affairs Council says the lack of agreement between the Syrian government in Damascus and the Kurds who are controlling the northern region of the country has led into a dead-end in the talks between the two sides.

Kurds are controlling the northern part of Syria and enjoy Washington&rsquo;s support for now as Syrian forces have besieged rebels in Idlib province and Turkey and the U.S. are seeking to create a safe zone inside Syria to lessen Turkey concerns and claims against the Kurdish forces.

Timur Akhmetov believes Russia can not play a big role in the regions under the control of the Kurdish forces and the US in the north of Syria and cannot also protect Syrian Kurds&rsquo; rights as it is negotiating with Ankara over the future of Syria.

What follows is his full answers to Kurdpress questions;

Do you think that establishing a safe zone in northern Syria ends Turkey worries regarding Kurdish warriors and saves the Kurds?

I think Turkish demands for a safe zone in northern Syria is more about Turkey's relations with the United States as with the Syrian Kurds. Yes, Ankara regards PYD as a terrorist organization, but the whole idea of a safe zone envisages coordinated efforts with the Syrian Kurds, USA and Turkey. In fact, Turkey seeks more possibilities to talks more with the Americans, and debates on a safe zone is a good platform to support dialogue between military and political leadership of the two countries.

Russia was very active regarding Syrian Kurd's activities at the beginning of the Syrian crisis but it is not following the same policy today, why?

It seems that Russia has been vocal about Syrian Kurds' rights and demands, but it was during the times when there was no Russian-Turkish dialogue over Syrian reconciliation process and constitution. Still, Russia thinks that Syrian Kurds should be included in the negotiations, however, Russians can't talk about it publicly without provoking Turkey and jeopardizing all diplomatic efforts to bring the civil war to the end;

Some reports say that there is an unwritten agreement between Turkey and Russia, according to which, Turkey goes out of Idlib but will control the entire northern Kurdish area in return. Is it possible?

Turkey already had obligations to establish safe zone in Idlib pushing terrorists away from province borders. Ankara unilaterally obliged itself to take all corresponding risks. The price for such risks was that Syrian government would not undetake military operation and provoke further refugee crisis.

Russia can't influence situation in the northern Syria, controlled by US-SDF forces. So, it can't make deals with Turkey about that. Turkey understands this as well. So, I don't see any connections between Idlib and situation in northern Syria.

U.S has never blamed Turkey sharply over Ankara&rsquo;s purchasing Russian s- 400 system. Is there any reason behind the policy?

American government is still thinking what steps should it take to punish Turkey. I don't think public criticism after S-400s were delivered can be helpful. US Congress is trying to work out an effective mechanism to constrain Turkey and force US President to do the same.

Why Russia has not been able to establish a good relationship between Syrian Kurds and Damascus; can we be hope in this regard?

I think Russia has been mediating between the Syrian Kurds and Damascus, there are many channels, both sides talk and understand each other's demands and requests. But, it seems that neither of the two is ready to compromise and all are waiting for the next stage of the conflict where positions will be changed. Maybe Americans will be forced to leave Syria, maybe at that time Syrian Kurds will understand that it is the last chance to negotiate with Damascus on peaceful terms. Without considerable progress on the ground the situation will not change in talks between Damascus and Syrian Kurds, but the channels are open and Moscow is offering one of the platforms.

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