Iraq's PM calls for an end to foreign troops in Iraq

<p style="text-align: left;">Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi on Sunday attended a parliamentary meeting to discuss a plan to expel US troops from Iraq, stressing that the immediate withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq or setting a timetable for implementing the move would be two options facing Iraq.

The extraordinary session of the Iraqi parliament to approve the law on the expulsion of US troops, which was delayed until Sunday afternoon due to the fact that representatives of the Kurdish and Sunni factions were in contention, has finally convened by the opposition's presence in the parliament.

Speaking at a parliamentary meeting, Abdul Mahdi highlighted that the choice of ending foreign troops in Iraq is the most logically viable option for Iraq.

The presence of US troops in Iraq is only limited to fighting IS and training Iraqi troops and does not include any other mission, the interim prime minister said.

According to IRNA Abdul Mahdi reiterated that parliament must understand the situation and explain to the Iraqi people that any internal conflict will have a political and economic cost to the country.

As prime minister and commander of the armed forces, "I want to put an end to the existence of foreign forces in Iraq," he said.

Abdul Mahdi emphasized that the end of the presence of foreign forces in the country would pave the way for reconsideration of relations with Washington and other countries.

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