<p style="text-align: left;">Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said Turkey and the United States are expected to come together in July to discuss cooperation in the fight against the Kurdistan Workers&amp;rsquo; Party (PKK).

He said in a televised interview on June 13 that a Turkish-American joint group that was set up specifically to coordinate the fight against the PKK, particularly in Iraq, will convene in the Turkish capital in July 2018 the latest.
&ldquo;Preparations [for the working group meeting] are underway. Initial preparations for cleansing Iraq from the PKK, on what should be done against the PKK&rsquo;s senior leaders and on intelligence sharing are continuing,&rdquo; Cavusoglu told Habert&uuml;rk TV.
&ldquo;This cooperation [against the PKK] also includes the Iraqi central and regional governments along with the U.S.,&rdquo; the Turkish FM said, adding: &ldquo;This [terrorist presence in northern Iraq] is a serious threat to us. We have to eliminate this threat one way or another.&rdquo;
Cavusoglu further added that Ankara is also in talks with Tehran on its ongoing campaign in northern Iraq.
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