ENKS chiefs suffer from disagreements: party leader

The leader of the Syrian Kurdistan Roj Democratic Party said that the US Deputy Representative for Syrian Affairs announced during his visit to Syrian Kurdistan that Washington supports the Kurdish-Kurdish talks with or without the presence of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS).

Speaking to KurdPress, the head of the Kurdistan Roj Democratic Party, Kufan ​​Kaneo, referred to the visit of the US Deputy Special Representative for Syrian Affairs to Syrian Kurdistan and stated that he supported the Kurdish-Kurdish talks even if the ENKS did not attend.

He continued: "The Americans expressed their support for the unity of the Kurdish movements and other ethnic groups in the Syrian Kurdish administration and said that they will continue their cooperation with the administration."

"As the Kurdish Patriotic Union parties (PYNK), we are in serious negotiations and we want these talks to end into a result because our people want the unity of the political movements in Syrian Kurdistan," Mr. Kaneo said.

The party leader went on to add that: "We want the rights of all ethnic groups and minorities to be recognized not only in Syrian Kurdistan but also in the whole of Syria."

"We want to reach an agreement with the ENKS brothers, but the parties present in the ENKS are not united, and each of the leaders of the parties has different views on issues."

"Unlike the ENKS, all the parties in the PYNK have a common goal and a political opinion on all issues, and we agree on all issues, but the leaders of the ENKS parties have differences among themselves," Kufan Kaneo further told KurdPress.

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