Erdogan will use ex-admirals’ declaration to polarize Turkey: Babacan

DEVA Party’s leader Ali Babacan disapproves the declaration made by the 103 ex- admirals who backed the Montreux Convention in opposition to the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan who wants to get rid of it, Karar reported on Monday citing a Fox TV discussion between Babacan had with Ismail Kucukkaya.

Babacan previously criticized the declaration on Sunday when he blasted the ex-admirals on Twitter, saying “our history is full of military interventions on politics”, but added that the government should also stay away from politics in which they portray themselves as “eternal victims”.

On Monday Babacan said that the government will use this to polarize the country. “Everybody with critique on the Kanal Istanbul project will be accused of siding with the generals”, he said.

Babacan insists he shares their criticism of the project and that the government should be open for critique and advise from institutions. That is what the former ambassadors did, he said, but what the ex-admirals did cannot have his blessing.

“As ex-admirals they have seen many coups, they had to know what such a statement would lead to, this is amateurish, a mistake”, he said.

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