Turkish courts serve government interests, politician tells KurdPress

A Turkey Kurdish lawyer and politician stated that the verdicts of Turkish courts against the government opposition politicians are not legal but political and are in the interests of the ruling coalition.

Referring to the pressure from Turkey ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) to dissolve the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP), the Kurdish lawyer and politician, Sedqi Zilan, told KurdPress that: "The HDP is one of the most influential Kurdish parties in the Turkish political arena, which is why the pressure on the party has increased. Currently, countless members, cadres and leaders of this party are in prison. The AKP and MHP forming a coalition on 2015 was an attempt to dissolve the HDP."

"In the recent issue, the MHP Leader [Devlet] Bahceli, openly stated that the HDP should be dissolved; through which he seeks a kind of political pressure, and the Turkish courts also serve the interests of the government and the coalition between the AKP and the MHP," Mr. Zilan added.

He added that the government's behavior and seizure of power "has provoked protests not only inside Turkey, but also by international human rights organizations and the European Union. For the past 50 years, Turkey has tried to meet EU standards, and the attempt was overtly seeable in the early days of the government, but each time the situation worsens and the situation deteriorates in the face of the Kurdish issue."

The Kurdish lawyer clarified: the government has not been successful in its policies in recent years, so it was forced to form an alliance with the MHP. In fact, the government saw its way out in an alliance with the MHP.

Sedqi Zilan reminded: "The People's Democratic Party is an important party and though it introduces itself as a party for the whole of Turkey, it plays an influential role both in the political field of Kurdistan and throughout Turkey and its supporters are the Kurds."

"It is not yet clear what the fate of the HDP is; whether it will be dissolved and its cadres will form another party or would form a coalition with another party," the politician commented on the possible dissolution of the HDP and the political plan for the post-dissolution period by its members.

He said that if the government enters the phase of dissolving the HDP, it will either cut off financial aid to the HDP or legally ban the HDP in order to create the political atmosphere it wants in the upcoming elections.

Sedqi Zilan reminded: Bahceli does not make such statements without coordination with the AKP, and surely [Turkey President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan and the AKP support this issue and want the HDP out of the political arena. Although these behaviors are against legal conventions, the ruling coalition is using every means to eliminate the opposition and the Kurds."

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