Salih Muslim: ENKS meeting with Turkey and KDP is not a positive development in Syrian Kurdish talks

The former co-leader of the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, criticized in a statement the recent meeting of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) delegation with delegations from Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

Muslim said that these meetings were against the Syrian Kurdish negotiation process and would not serve the Syrian Kurdish talks.
Referring to the Syrian Kurdish talks between the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) and the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK), Salih Muslim, also a board member of the PYD, said in the statement that: "These talks have been suspended for some time. The US delegation that mediated the talks has changed, and the new Washington delegation has not yet entered the region.
The ENKS delegation also went to Iraqi Kurdistan within this process. We will continue negotiations at the same time as soon asthe American delegation and the ENKS return to the talks, he added
"So far, no one has commented on the non-continuation of the Syrian Kurdish unity talks. Many issues have been agreed upon in these negotiations, and there are still many debatable issues," Muslim further noted.
"There are three central issues in these negotiations," Muslim said, according to the Hawarnews news agency.
He went on to add that "these issues include the establishment of an excellent Kurdish authority, the participation in self-government management and the issue of defense forces. ENKS has not yet made a clear assessment on its participation in self-government. Therefore, the decision in this regard will take time. Negotiations are ongoing over the defense and security forces, and no results have been reached yet."
Regarding an ENKS delegation meeting with delegations from Turkey and the KDP, Muslim said: "The ENKS meeting with Turkey and the KDP is not a positive development. This is not the first time that these talks are held. We hope that the ENKS will make their own decisions instead of getting them from the outside."
"In these negotiations, as PYNK, we will do everything we can. But this does not mean that we will accept the collapse of the self-governing system. Our demand is to jointly protect and develop the achievements, not to destroy them," he concluded.
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