Americans continue patrols in northern Syria

<p style="text-align:left">On Monday, for the second consecutive day, intensive American patrols continue on an international road linking the town of Tal Tamr and Qamishli in northeastern Syria.

This comes after Russian attempts, in the past few days, to reach the eastern regions through the oil-rich city of Qamishli, which includes American bases and points in its vicinity, as well as its attempts to reach the Semalka commercial crossing on the borders with Kurdistan Region.
Local sources told Anadolu news agency that the American military forces are patrolling the international road to prevent the passage of Russian military convoys, and some patrols have reached the vicinity of Tal Tamr, which has a Russian military base.
Last week, the United States stopped a military convoy that attempted to reach Rumilan fields to establish a military base, and last Saturday it stopped a Russian patrol that attempted to reach the Semalka border crossing.
During the past three months, the Russian military police stationed at least 10 points and bases in northern Syria, some of which were American bases, before the latter withdrew from them after the start of the "Spring of Peace" process launched by the Turkish army last October.
Despite the American withdrawal from the aforementioned bases, they maintained their presence in the bases near the oil fields, strengthened their presence there, and sent hundreds of trucks carrying military and logistical reinforcements to those bases.
In November 2019, the Pentagon announced, in a statement, that more troops and reinforcements would be sent to protect oil wells in eastern Syria.
In previous statements by US President Donald Trump, about his country's bases in Syria, he said: "We will protect oil ... and we will decide what to do with it in the future."
The Russian Defense Ministry accused, in a previous statement, Washington of practicing "banditry" on a global level, after announcing its intention to protect oil fields in eastern Syria.
The ministry released pictures via satellite of what it said were convoys of tanks heading out of Syria, saying that these pictures indicate that the operations of extracting Syrian oil took place under the protection of American military before and after the defeat of ISIS east of the Euphrates.
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