HDP blames Turkey establishment of a military base in Iraqi Kurdistan

Following the announcement of Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu's decision to establish a military base in Iraqi Kurdistan in the Matina region, the executive board of Turkey pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) issued a statement and blames the  decision.

The statement, signed by the Central Executive Board of the HDP, was published on its official website. It stated that: "Turkey has been conducting ground and air operations in Iraqi Kurdistan since 1983 under the pretext of border security. It is clear that these systematic border operations have no result other than inciting war and creating conflict.
The community has paid a high price for the killing of civilians, evacuating and burning villages, and destroying the environment, the statement added.
Rulers ensure their survival by manipulating public opinion and concealing facts and covering up economic and human costs, it further noted.
Instead of turning a blind eye to this mistake and establishing peace between peoples and countries, the current government continues to insist on the same mistakes and organize foreign operations.
The latest example is the start of military operations against the Kurdistan Region on April 24. In return, reactions against this military movement have formed among the residents of the region, and they want to stop these military movements.
The real reason for this military operation, which is used as a pretext for creating security on the border, is to ignore the Kurdish issue and ignore the political options to solve it. Ignoring political options exacerbates problems and widens gaps.
Allocating a huge budget to weapons and war and tension, at a time when the country is in economic, social and political crisis, its people are deprived of food, jobs and vaccines and are committing suicide every day from unemployment, is not in the interest of society at all. This attitude will destroy nations today and their future, just as it did in the past.
Whenever the government reaches a dead end in its domestic and foreign policy, it immediately turns to foreign operations.
The head of the central bank said in response to "Where is the 128 billion dollars?" that "Warplanes that do not fly for free," he said.
His answer was essentially a confession of what we all know. The government's insistence on security and belligerent policies deepens all kinds of crises. We reiterate that tense and belligerent policies are of no use in reaching a political solution, and that the only right way is to negotiate in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere.
As the HDP, whose task is to help defuse tensions and ensure peace in the region, we once again call on all institutions and organizations, especially the people, to resolve issues through dialogue and to be sensitive about this issue.
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