PKK is not a guest in Iraqi Kurdistan: Doran Kalkan

A member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leadership council said in a statement that the group did not intend to leave the Kurdistan Region as it is not a quest in the region.

"There is no issue of fratricide between the PKK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)," Doran Kalkan, the PKK leadership council member said in a statement, referring to recent tensions between the PKK and the KDP.

“In fact, it is a war between the PKK and the Republic of Turkey. The KDP, meanwhile, should have sided with the PKK if it wanted to be active in the process. But the KDP has sided with Turkey ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Turkish National Movement Party (MHP). The Turkish government is occupying the territories of the Kurdistan Region, and the KDP is proposing the presence of the PKK as legitimizing this occupation," the PKK official added.

According to the Euphrates News Agency, Kalkan continued his remarks as saying that "The PKK in is not a guest Iraqi Kurdistan to leave the region one day, and Iraqi Kurdistan is not the personal property of some parties. We are fighting against the dictatorship of the AKP-MHP in the Kurdistan Region. Was the PKK present in those areas in 2017, when the Iraqi central government took control of 40% of the territory of the Kurdistan Region? In that year, all these moves were coordinated by Erdogan and Trump with the Iraqi central government, and a blow was dealt to Barzani's (the KDP Leader Masoud Barzani) rule, not the PKK. We offered cooperation and joint action to Masoud Barzani, but the KDP has nothing to do with those who invade their lands and targets the PKK. This behavior can neither be called patriotism nor democracy.”

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    God bless PKK.