Top council approves Bane-Mariwan free-trade zone bill

The Expediency Council has approved the Bane-Mariwan free-trade bill in a boost to the development of the western Iranian bordering areas with Iraqi Kurdistan, according to Kurdistan Province's Governor Bahman Moradnia.

According to a statement by Kurdistan Province's Public Relations Department, Provincial Governor Bahman Moradnia said that the Expediency Council has approved the long-awaited bill to create a free-trade economic zone in the governorates of Bane and Mariwan in the west of the Kurdistan province bordering the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

According to the report, Moradnia said that the free-trade zone plan will help the region's economy by providing more job opportunities to the local people and reducing smuggling on the western borders with the Kurdish region of Iraq, Mehr news reported.

Bashmagh border market in Mariwan County and Seyranband border crossing in Bane County both located in Kurdistan Province are two main border gates in Iran through which lots of goods and commodities are exported and imported annually from/to Iran.

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