Jabar Yawar denies he was replaced as Peshmerga secretary general

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs replaced Secretary-General Jabar Yawar with Rebaz Berkoty on Friday, May 28.

According to NRT the internal Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) dynamics drove the choice.
A source from the PUK’s Headquarters 3 stated that Berkoty had been selected as a candidate for the PUK in an Erbil consistency for Iraq’s October parliamentary elections, but was dropped in a reshuffle following the party’s decision to run jointly with the Change Movement (Gorran), which insisted on running a woman in that spot.
The party then decided to select Berkoty for the secretary-general position.
Later on Saturday, however, Yawar denied that a change had taken place, but said he would implement any order that is issued from the Kurdistan Region Presidency and the KRG.
“For me the position and seat as Secretary-General is duty and service not fame and privilege,” Yawar said.
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