ISIS executes Kurdish policeman in Kefri

The Islamic State of Syria and Sham (ISIS) elements shot a Kurdish policeman in the Kafri region and published images of his shooting.

According to NRT a young Kurdish man who was previously a member of the Garmian district police force in Kafri, Iraq's Diyala province, was arrested by ISIS elements two years ago, and the ISIS posted the video of his killing on social media on Saturday.
ISIS elements have previously released the pictures of him being held captive and have told the Kurdish police family that they are only willing to release him if he is exchanged for one of the Yazidi girls, and for refusing to hand over the Yazidi girl to the ISIS elements, the young Kurd was shot dead by the ISIS.
His family also announced that he and one of his colleagues had been captured by ISIS, and that the second captive had been released by his family after paying $ 50,000. Although the then Iraqi government announced the end of ISIS in Iraq in 2017, ISIS movements and crimes continue in Iraq, with Peshmerga and security forces and civilians falling victim to ISIS crimes.
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