Adnan al-Zurfi calls Hashd al-Shaabi a military institution established on nation's demand

<p style="text-align: left;">Iraqi designate Prime Minister who is seeking the formation of the Iraqi government called the organization of Hashd al-Shaabi a military institution which has been formed on the demand of the nation of the law of the parliament.

According to Middle East News, Adnan al-Zurfi reiterated in remarks Thursday that the organization is a military body established by the parliament law and the nation's will.

Al-Zurfi wrote in his Twitter account that "the Hashd al-Shaabi organization is an Iraqi military body established under the parliamentary law and the nation's desire to fight terrorism and save Iraq.

He added: "We certainly took part in writing the law, and we voted for Hashd al-Shaabi as a national duty and allocated enough funds for the organization in the financial commission.&rdquo;

The Prime Minister-designate underscored that Hashd Al-Shaabi is a firm institution and that its loyalty and sacrifices will remain for Iraq and its people.

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