Party leader asks HDP to get united with Kurdish parties not Turkish leftists

The President General of the Kurdistan Islamic Party (PÎK or Partiya Îslamiya Kurdistan) asked Turkey pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) to make a united front with Kurdish parties in the country instead of getting united with the Turkish leftist parties.

"Kurdish parties in Turkey will face great dangers if they do not unite," Hikmet Serbilind told Kurdpress in an interview.

In response to a question about how he assesses the situation of the Kurdish movements in Turkey before the 2023 elections, Mr. Serbilind said: "The Justice and Development Party (AKP) has asked the Turkey Supreme Court to ban and dissolve the HDP and wants to announce the political activities of 451 Kurdish politicians and activists as illegal so that they will not be able to engage in politics in the future."

He went on to say that: "However, it is necessary for the Kurds to unite in the shadow of their national character and turn to civil politics. In fact, if Turkey tries to close down the HDP, all Kurdish parties in Turkey can do activities more seriously and try to achieve their democratic demands by emphasizing national unity.

"If the Kurds cannot unite, they will face great mistakes and dangers. Today, Kurdish people in Turkey want the Kurdish movements and parties to get united around common interests and work within the framework of the people's rights," Mr. Serbilind further stated.

The PÎK President General pointed out that: "The way for the Kurds in Turkey to achieve their rights goes through unity. Today the world is looking at the Kurds in Turkey to see what they want. Also, the demand of the Kurds is not only the democratization of Turkey, but also their national demands as well."

The president general added: "The government denies the rights of the Kurds in Turkey and the government has blocked all possible ways. "Today, the Kurds have an important and influential role in the Middle East, and no one can neglect the Kurds as before."

"The current HDP policy and making coalition with the Turkish leftist parties cannot continue for a long time. The Kurds, first of all, want Kurdish parties to unite within themselves and to create a strategy to achieve the rights of the Kurdish people according to their wishes, and this is possible only through national unity," the PÎK President General said about the HDP policies.

Mr. Serbilind added: "The Kurds do not have a specific plan for the 2023 elections yet, but I hope that whether the HDP is banned by the Turkish government or not, Kurdish parties and movements which care about the interests of the Kurdish people in Turkey would pay attention to the issue of unity."

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