PUK forces will no longer be allowed to be used for personal purposes: president

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Co-president Bafel Talabani said on Monday the party would not allow its forces to be used for personal purpose.

Talabani met with a French military delegation within the U.S.-led Coalition forces in Sulaimani city on Monday evening, Esta News website reported.
The French delegation led by Col. Ashiel, supervisor of France’s troops in Iraq and Syria, acknowledged PUK’s continued support for the fight against terror and its “effective participation” in the war against Islamic State (ISIS).
The two sides discussed the latest political and security developments as well as coordination and cooperation between the Kurdistan Region’s forces and the Coalition, Talabani’s press office said in a statement.
They also stressed the “danger of terrorist remnants’ activities and necessity of coordination and cooperation between all the forces,” the statement read.
Talabani also thanked the delegation for playing an important role in stability and tranquility of the Region and Iraq, the statement said.
He also reiterated the continuity of coordination and cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Coalition to preserve political stability and security in the region, his office said.
Regarding changes made within the party, Talabani said the PUK would no longer allow its forces “which are national forces and are reliable to be used for personal purposes and special interests,” according to the statement.
“They must carry out their military duties in the framework of laws and instructions and their job must be in the interest of public,” he was quoted as saying.
“We will further help the Coalition forces in confronting terror and protecting security and stability of the region,” he added.
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