Turkey seeking to provoke people against Syria Kurdish administration: party official

<p style="text-align:left">A member of the Central Committee of the Syria Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK-S) said: the government of Ankara is seeking to provoke demonstrations against the self-ruling administration in Syria Kurdistan.

"The claim that there is the lack of electricity at the Alouk station and the water cut in Hasaka is an excuse, Turkey intends to put pressure on the Kurds." Gahlu Issa told KurdPress in an interview.
The member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (PDK-S), referred to Turkey's action to cut off Hasaka water in eastern Syria and stated that the water of Hasaka comes from Eastern Sari Kani and Alouk region and as the water of Hasaka is unpleasant and salty, it tastes bad and is not not edible, so the drinking water of the people of the region is supplied from Alouk.
He continued: "Turkey has cut off Hasaka water several times to this day under the false pretext of lack of electricity; by the move Turkey wants to put pressure on the people in the region."
"Turkey's goal is to create discontent in northern and eastern Syria, and thereby, it wants to incite the people against the self-ruling administration," he said.
The Kurdish official stated: Turkey seeks to suppress and destroy the democratic project in Syrian Kurdistan and prevent the Kurds from achieving their rights in Syria.
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