Turkey is waiting for Russia and US green lights to attack northern Syria: expert

A Syrian Kurdish analyst and journalist believes "currently, there is no opportunity for a Turkish ground attack on Syrian Kurdistan, but whenever Turkey finds a position, it will attack northern Syria."

Juma Mohammad, a Syrian Kurdish political expert, told Kurdpress that the Turkish government is threatening to invade the SyrianKurdish autonomous region at any moment, referring to possible threats against the self-ruling administration following the events in Afghanistan.

He continued: "Turkey uses every opportunity to attack, and in recent times, it has been shelling border areas and targeting people and cars with drones."

"Turkey's goal is to attack the 30-kilometer-deep border strip and occupy these areas, and if it receives the green light from Russia and the United States, it will do so," Mr. Mohammad further noted.

He underlined that: "Although the American officials announced that they did not intend to leave northern Syria, the people do not trust Russia and the United States and have not forgotten [the events in] Afrin, Serikani and Grispi yet."

Juma Mohammad also said: "The administration is in talks with Russia and the [Syrian] central government, but the central government has no place for negotiating and resolving the Syrian issue and insists on its [former] policies."

"People trust their forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), because it is the only force that is both militarily and politically in the service of peace and resolving the Syrian problem," he said.

The analyst also said: "We hope that the self-ruling administration will be formally recognized by the international community, just as offices have been reopened in European countries, including Switzerland."

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