No one in Kurdistan Region is as concerned about Peshmerga integration as the US and the international coalition, Gorran member

A senior member of the Movement for Change (Gorran) in the Kurdistan Region said that no one in the Kurdistan Region exerts as much pressure and sympathy for the integration of Peshmerga forces as the United States and the international coalition.

According to Zaman Press, Derbaz Mohammad said in this regard that: "The fact is that it seems we have not been successful enough in creating a systematic and citizen-oriented government."

Derbaz Mohammad added: "The reason is that we have not been in power as we should be [as Gorran] in order to implement the political program of the Change Movement."

"We can still be the real representatives of the citizens," said the senior member of the Movement for Change, adding that " Gorran changed many concepts of the political process in the past and made many changes in the field of giving awareness to the citizens."

Derbaz Mohammad emphasized: The Movement for Change emphasizes on the creation of these changes for the establishment of institutionalized rules and believes that the only solution to the problems of the Kurdistan region is to systematize it. We believe in this issue and the solution to this issue was proposed by the Movement for Change and revered Nawshirwan Mostafa, the late leader of the movement."

"We have consistently stated over the past 12 years that the Peshmerga forces must unite and that the Kurdistan Region must have a unified Peshmerga force. How can there be two military forces in a country? Unfortunately, there is no such concern and sympathy inside the country as much as the United States and the anti-ISIS are pushing for the unification of the Peshmerga forces."

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