Senjerkhan series changed outlooks on Kurdish people

Senjerkhan, a Kurdish national hero and a name on a par with heroes like Mirza Kuchak Khan and Sattar Khan in the history of Iran, has been neglected and oppressed in narratives, historiographies, and documentaries.

The past nights, Islamic Republic of Iran's Channel One was broadcasting a series under the name of the Kurdish national hero.
A Kurdish hero who stood against Russian and British invasions to the point of sacrificing his life and defended this land from corner to corner. The production and broadcasting of this series has been carried out to represent Kurdish heroes in Iran.
Hossein Jalali, the producer of this series who put all his assets into making this series, along with some of the actors in this series including Farshid Goyli playing the role of Senjerkhan, Farid Aryanjad, playing the role of Ayatollah Mardoukhi, Hassan Tarighi, playing the role of Fayzollah Khan, Omid Barazi, playing the role of Ahmad Khan, Farzin Vaziri, the director of the Vaziri Family Foundation, in a press conference at the IRNA office in Sanandaj, discussed this series with reporters from various media outlets in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, northwestern Iran.

The series "Senjerkhan" changed perspectives on the Kurdish people
The producer of the series Sanjarkhan in this meeting said: "Broadcasting the series Senjerkhan and introducing him as a national hero has changed existing perspectives and mentalities towards the Kurdish people."
Hossein Jalali added: For more than 100 years, we have been subjected to media discrimination in Kurdistan, which has made it impossible for us to introduce prominent and prominent Kurdish figures as we should.
He stated about the process of the Senjerkhan series: "We had been looking to create a lasting work on Kurdish history for years, and after numerous efforts, we came to Senjerkhan."
This Kurdish producer continued as saying: "Senjerkhan was a contemporary of Mirza Kuchak Khan and had the potential to become a national hero, but unfortunately, this character was not portrayed, and it remained unknown."
Jalali recalled: Many obstacles were encountered in the process of its production, and we found documents in national archives that indicated this issue; many individuals opposed the presentation of Senjerkhan and did not want this Kurdish character to be recognized, so we were determined to do this work. The production of this series encountered lots of hurdles."
He continued: "But we were determined in our work and, with the trust in the series' elements, continued on the path and achieved results, receiving very positive feedback among people. The producer of the series stated that this series has led to 85 million Iranians recognizing Senjerkhan as a Kurdish national hero today," saying: "In the series, we aimed to change perspectives on the Kurdish people, and everyone should understand that Kurds also had national heroes."

Senjerkhan has received positive feedback among cultural and civil activists
Fershid Gawili, the actor playing the role of Senjerkhan, stated in this meeting: "No one knows the hardships and unkindness we have faced as much as we do, being at the heart of the series."
Gawili, stating that much effort has been made into the production of this series, continued: "Currently, the feedback we see from various segments of the public and intellectuals is a positive view of the series, which is very pleasing to us that our efforts have been fruitful."
He recalled: "During Senjerkhan's broadcasting on IRIB, cultural, artistic, and civil activists inside and outside the country have been in contact with us through various means, and they have expressed satisfaction with its outcome."

The strength of the series is its actors
The actor playing the role of Ayatollah Mardoukhi in the series Senjerkhan said: "As an actor, what has been important and a priority for me in the series is the audience, and the Senjerkhan series has managed to attract a lot of audience."
Ferid Aryannejad added that this series has been able to draw the audience to the television, saying: "The strength of this series lies in its actors; in this series, our actors in the province shone alongside central actors, and this is an honor for us." He stated: "The acting and brilliance of Kurdish actors in this series have shown that this province has very good capacities in this field, and if the conditions are provided, they can shine much better and more prominently in society."
Hassan Terreghi, the actor playing the role of Feyzollah Khan, also said in this meeting: The budget spent on this series was a third of the budget spent on historical works in the country.

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