Official predicts Turkey would withdraw it's affiliated militants from Syria

A member of the representative office of the Syrian self-ruling administration in Iraqi Kurdistan region said: "We anticipate that there will be an agreement so that Turkey would expel all militant militant groups under its command, especially those that have occupied part of Syrian Kurdistan, from Syria."

Fathullah Husseini, a member of the representative office of the Syrian Kurdish-led self-ruling administration in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, told Kurdpress in an interview that "This issue is related to both internal and external Turkey issues. This time, neither Russia nor the United States reached an agreement with Turkey let it to invade northern Syria, but previously both Russia and the United States agreed to [Turkey President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan's adventures," noting that Turkish media are easing the pressure on the government for a new attack on northern Syria.
He added: "But this does not mean that Turkey has stopped its aggression, because today it continues its aggression by armed groups under its command and drones and artillery shelling of residential areas."
The official also said: "On the other hand, the internal situation in Turkey is tense and both economic and political issues have led to a deep crisis for the government of justice and development.
"Turkey's political opposition has become stronger and is organizing itself and is looking for early elections in Turkey," Mr. Husseini went on to say.
Fathullah Husseini pointed out: "Turkey is no longer able to conduct a large-scale air and ground attack against Syrian Kurdistan as before."
Referring to the new political situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the representative said: "The situation is not the same as before, and both the United States and Syria view the Syrian Kurdistan self-ruling administration as a political fact."
He also noted: "We anticipate that there will be an agreement for Turkey to withdraw all military groups under its command, especially those in Syrian Kurdistan. Today, Turkey has become a threat to the region and the interests of the world powers, and everyone agrees that it must be stopped."
He added: "We hope that Russia, as one of the influential powers in Syria, will fulfill its responsibility towards Syria. There are currently two forces of Syrian Democratic Forces (SFF) and the central government in Syria, and it is imperative for Russia to put pressure on Damascus to continue negotiations so that the political situation in Syria would be determined."
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