Civil Council denounces recent Turkey attacks on Gri Spi

Gri Spi Civil Council condemned the recent Turkish attacks on Tel Gri Spi and Ain Issa.

On Tuesday, February 15, the Gri Spi Regional Council condemned Monday Turkish attacks on the outskirts of Gri Spi and Ain Issa that resulted in the death of a civilian.

A statement read by Saleh Haji, spokesman for the Gri Spi Regional Council, at a meeting of the Gri Spi Regional Council in Ain Issa, said Turkey attack and aggression against the people of the region is done in the wake of the international community's silence of the silence of Russia as the guarantee of the ceasefire agreements.

Haji added: "This bombing resulted in the killing of a civilian and the wounding of three others, and this is not Turkey's first crime. It has been launching a series of attacks against the residents of that area for months, targeting civilians."

He added that Turkey's goal is to spread terror and destabilize the security and stability of region, and displace its civilians.

"Turkey's attacks have intensified as a result of the defeat of its mercenaries in the control of Ghoran prison, which houses thousands of terrorists," Haji went on to add.

In the statement, the Gri Spi Regional Council called for a clear regional and international stance on Turkey's violations against residents of the occupied territories.

The town of Ain Issa and its environs, as well as the western villages of Gri Spi and other areas in northeastern Syria, are under constant bombardment of Turkish forces and its affiliated extremist armed groups.

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