Party leader says Kirkuk wells are reasons behind Turkish incursion into Iraq

A leader of the State of Law Coalition stressed that the Kirkuk oil wells are the reasons behind Turkish forces' operation into Iraq.

"The pretext of Ankara's fight against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) in Iraq no longer deceives us, and we have realized that the infiltration of Turkish forces into Iraq from a depth of 190 km from the Kurdish region has multiple goals, given their limited partisan interests with Turkey."

Jedda'an said Turkey wants to gain access to Kirkuk oil wells and that Turkey's 30-year invasion of Iraq is the key to Turkey's access to these wells.

"There is no agreement on the entry of foreign forces and their advance at a depth of 190 km on Iraqi soil, so what has happened is a violation of Iraqi national sovereignty," he said.

Pointing out that the Kurdistan Workers' Party is the only excuse for Turkey to intervene more and establish camps and military bases on Iraqi soil, he added: "What is happening is against the principles of Iraqi national security."

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