Fatah Alliance refutes Barzani’s proposal to ease deadlock in Baghdad

The Fatah Alliance has refused a solution to the political deadlock in Baghdad proposed by the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Masoud Barzani.

Majid Shingali, a member of the KDP, announced on Sunday, May 1, an initiative proposed by Barzani that would allow some parties in the Iraqi parliament to be part of the government and others to join the opposition.
Barzani’s proposal would create a strong opposition in parliament and build committees from opposition parties.
Rafiq Salih, a member of the Fatah Alliance, told Arab News Agency they rejected Barzani’s proposal, calling it a "trick” and stating, "We cannot be deceived.”
The Fatah Alliance is part of the Coordination Framework, one of the two largest Shia blocs in Baghdad, which also includes the State of Law Coalition, the Hikma Movement and the Nasr Alliance.
The KDP is part of the rival Saving the Homeland Alliance, along with the Sadrist Movement and the al-Siyada Coalition, the largest Sunni coalition in Iraq.
Salih alleged that through Barzani’s proposal, Saving the Homeland intended to take over and govern according to their interests.
Iraq passed the deadline to elect a new president of the republic and form a new government following three failed sessions to elect a president. This occurred after MPs from the Coordination Framework and other independent MPs boycotted the sessions, leading to a lack of quorum in parliament.
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