Reasons behind conflict between Iraqi army and YBS

International news agencies have cited Turkish threats and efforts by Erbil and Baghdad to implement the Shingal Agreement as factors in clashes between Iraqi forces and Shingal Defense Units (YBS).

Iraqi army forces and the fighters of the Shingal Defense Units have been fighting for two days in this Yazidi area.

Media outlets such as Al Jazeera, the Associated Press and France Press, as well as the Middle East magazine, have reported recent Turkish threats to attack Shingal on the pretext that the YBS forces may be affiliated with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces are not ineffective in the recent clashes between Iraqi army and the YBS forces in the city.

The media also claimed that the agreement between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi central government to normalize the situation in Shingal had not been implemented yet, and that the Shingal Defense Units were preventing the return of refugees from the region. Therefore, the deployment of the Iraqi army into Shingal is in line with the implementation of the Erbil-Baghdad agreement.

The Associated Press reports that about 3,000 people have been displaced and relocated to camps in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Yazidi figures, the UN office in Iraq, and some Yazidi-affiliated organizations have expressed concern about the deteriorating situation of Yazidi citizens following tensions in Shingal.

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