Turkish government is main culprit behind Roboski massacre: party leader

The Secretary General of Turkey Kurdistan Socialist Party (PSK) said: "Turkish government is the main culprit behind Roboski massacre. The massacre will not be forgotten and we will not allow it to be forgotten."

"The massacre is still going on because none of the perpetrators were l brought to justice," Massoud Tak said about the ninth anniversary of the massacre, stressing that "the Turkish government, as before, covered up the massacre and did not allow anyone to stand to trial."
34 Kurds, mostly teenagers, were killed in a bombardment conducted by Turkey army jets in December 2011.
"The Turkish government and the officials of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), who do not want to be identified as murderers, are behind the massacre."
"The Turkish government not only did not prosecute the officers involved in the incident, but also summoned the families of the victims to court and interrogated them," Mr. Tak told KurdPress.
The secretary general of Turkish Kurdistan Socialist Party (PSK) further added: "The government is trying to erase the Roboski massacre from the public mind with all the means.
Masoud Tak emphasized: On the anniversary of this tragic massacre, we once again condemn the action of the government and offer condolences to the survivors of this incident, we try to follow up on their demands.
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