Muqtada Sadr calls for dissolution of parliament

Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said on Wednesday, August 3, dialogue with the Coordination Framework is useless and stated the Sadrist Movement is demanding early elections as well as the dissolution of the Iraqi parliament.

Sadr thanked the security forces and those he said are against corruption and who want to make the Iraqi revolution a success. He has called for demonstrations and the sit-ins to continue until the demands of the protestors are met.
According to NRT he said he has not decided whether or not to participate in new elections and criticized the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s decision to require a quorum of two-thirds in order to elect the president, referring to "malicious lawsuits that obstructed the formation of the majority government.”
Supporters of the Sadrist Movement began protests on Saturday, when they broke into the Green Zone and occupied the parliament building. Salih Mohammed, a prominent figure in the Sadrist Movement, called on protestors to leave the parliament building within 72 hours on Tuesday.
The protestors have been camped in the parliament building since Saturday.
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