ENKS to hold its 4th congress soon: council member

The Kurdish National Council announced it would hold its fourth congress after several years of delay.

The Kurdish National Council (ENKS) announced that it is preparing and planning to hold its fourth congress in Syrian Kurdistan. The third congress of this council dates back to before 2016, and according to its supporters, the selection of new members, committee members and leaders has been delayed for a long time. Although the council announces the holding of its own congress, the exact date for it has not yet been determined.

Abdulrahman Apo, a member of this council and a member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK.S) told Kurdpress about the reasons for not holding the 4th congress of the council that that congress should have been held once a year, but it was delayed due to the conditions of the region and the situation in Syrian Kurdistan.

He continued: The ENKS is the Kurdish nationalist line in Syria, and its project is a national and Kurdish project that believes that the territory of Syrian Kurdistan is from Dirk in the northeast to Afrin in the northwest, for this reason it is necessary to have a national outlook to this area.

He added: Due to the council's lack of access to some areas such as Aleppo, Afrin, Bab and other areas, we are facing some problems. The people of these areas have been displaced and these areas have been occupied by Turkey.

Of course, the refugees of these areas are scattered in Syrian Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Region and Turkey, and a committee can be formed for them outside these areas, Apo went on to say.

About the changes in the leadership and management structure of the Council, Apo added: It is necessary to make changes in the political and management structure of the council. For example, currently the leadership members of the Kurdish National Council are only from the Cizre region, and it is obligatory for the leadership members to be elected from all regions of Syrian Kurdistan.

About the topics discussed in the 4th congress, Apo said: in this Congress, various issues such as the presence or absence of the ENKS in the Syrian opposition coalition, Kurdish talks with the Kurdish Patriotic Union parties (PYNK), the situation in Syria, the situation of the region and other important issues are to be discussed.

Referring to the proposals presented to the fourth congress of the Kurdish National Council, the council member noted: In this congress, it is proposed that the council congress should be held every two years, the chairman of the council should be elected for a period of six months or one year and also an official spokesperson for the council should be elected.

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