Coordination Framework denounces “assault” on Iraq’s top judicial authority

Iraq's Coordination Framework denounced the “Sadrist assault” on the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council building, in a statement, asking for a call out from the international community on Tuesday and setting conditions to negotiate with Sadr.

After the supporters of Iraqi Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr gathered before the Supreme Judicial Council in Baghdad, chanting the message of their leader to dissolve the Iraqi parliament, have compelled the highest judicial authority to suspend its works officially.
Sadr has finally paralyzed the country’s judicial authority, the scene followed by similar inside Iraq’s legislative, almost a month passed since his supporters staged a sit-in, preventing any meetings of MPs to bring an end to the ten-month prolonged government formation deadlock since the October election.
Just like the judicial authority, the parliamentary speaker has also suspended the session of the democratically elected parliament after the protesters stormed the building in late July.
“We denounce such a serious assault on the Judiciary institution and the government should take complete responsibility to protect state institutions” Sadr’s political rival, the coordination framework in a statement said.
As Iraq’s political turmoil deepens more the coordination also mentioned that it will no more accept calls for direct dialogue with Sadr unless the protesters withdraw from the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council Building, setting this point as a condition to negotiate with Sadr.
“We ask the international community express a clear stance over that serious assault on the constitutional institutions, particularly the legislative and judiciary,” it said.
The coordination framework has also urged the Iraqi people to be fully prepared for the next step, and show their attitude against those who offend state institutions, according to the statement.
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